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“Allison helped take my client’s show space to a whole new level! It can be a challenge for a sponsor booth to get traffic, especially at a networking event with food, games, open bar and a live band. While everyone is having fun, my client is very much at work trying to make their sponsorship investment worthwhile.

That’s where Allison came to the rescue! She set up shop and got right to work providing hundreds of airbrush glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos for event participants. Each guest not only got a great design, but also walked around showing off my client’s tag line #CommunicateBetter.

As the line grew long, people swarmed my client’s table to find out more about what they do resulting in a sale that night, four additional bids sent the day after and three re-seller partners. Their space had the largest continuous crowd all night long – even bigger than the lobster roll and pizza food trucks. All of their social media channels have also been flooded as the same people search online for their tattoo photos.

I highly recommend retaining Allison for your corporate events. It is unique and certainly generates excitement. Plus, Allison is just a doll to work with and so very professional. She helped make our hard work a lot of fun, too.” Kerri B. on 8/23/16 –

“Allison came to our sons’ birthday party at an Evanston park and she was great. The kids loved their face paint almost as much as the adults did (yes, she did the grownups, too.) She did great work and was very professional and we were all sad to wash our faces afterwards. I’d recommend her for any kids party or any event where you think face painting would be a cool addition.” Klar Z. on 8/6/16 –

“Allison was a HUGE hit at our son’s graduation party. Our guests – – young and old, men and women, boys and girls – – thoroughly enjoyed their henna tattoos. She was busy with party guests from the moment the party started. Allison was patient with our pre teens who couldn’t get enough and she was so great to work with, just an all around positive attitude. Several of our party guests told me how awesome Allison was and she is so talented. Judging by the Instagram posts from the teens at our party, my only regret is that we didn’t book her to stay at the party longer!” Jennifer F. on 6/13/16 –

“Allison Rocks!!! She had a  Super positive attitude right from the start! She was able to take our party on short notice and we had about 75 kids. She had a book with beautiful designs and the kids chose which one they wanted for their Henna tattoo.  She is an extremely talented artist. She was on time, patient and professional. I’d definitely hire her to do another party for me  in the future.” Jay D. on 1/21/16 –

“Allison did my son’s birthday party in June. And we are at another party with her today. Both myself and all of the other parents were blown away at her talent! The kids look phenomenal. She was on-time, professional and most of all patient! Coming from someone who has had a professional face painter at every party, this one is keeper!!” Katryn L. on 8/9/15 –


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