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Henna Tattoos

  Welcome to the ancient and exotic art of Mehndi, temporary Henna Tattoo. Celebrated for over 5000 years, Henna has been used as a traditional form of body adornment in India, Pakistan, Morocco, the Middle East, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. People have decorated themselves throughout the centuries with Henna for weddings, festivals, and many important occasions – even to ward off evil!
Henna is the arabic word for the powder derived from the dried leaves of the Egyptian Privet plant. In Hindi, this is called Mehndi. The powder is mixed with pure, essential oils, lemon juice, and sugar, creating a smooth and all natural paste. It is then applied to the skin in intricate patterns. Henna Tattoos are painless and temporary, and will last 1 to 4 weeks with the proper care.

  Henna Tattoos are safe and non-toxic. I only use 100% Certified Organic all-natural red Henna and essential oils which smell incredible and really help to create a soothing spa-experience. For the look of Henna Tattoos without the commitment, beautiful designs called “Bindi” can be painted by hand on the face and body with Body Paint, or ‘Liquid Bling’ (also called “gilding”), glitter and mica gels made especially for the skin. Rhinestones and gems may also be added for a beautiful, jeweled effect. Bindi Body Art may last up to three days with the proper care. Henna Tattoos and Bindi Body Art are a unique and elegant addition to any party.

  WE DO NOT USE ‘BLACK HENNA’. Black henna is a hair-dye that is toxic when left to sit on the skin, and will likely result in a nasty chemical burn. For more info on the dangers of “black henna”, please visit: Traveler’s beware! “Black Henna” is popular amongst street vendors abroad! Be sure to ask about their Henna, and inspect what they are using.

Monday through Sunday: $100 per hour/ 2 hour minimum.  Serving Chicago, Illinois and surrounding suburbs as well as Wisconsin. Travel fees may apply.

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