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Glitter Tattoos

  Glitter Tattoos are fun, flashy and fantastic, dahling! The design is ALL GLITTER, so you can’t go wrong! Your choice of a wide variety of rainbow-colors and more. The glitter sticks to the skin using a safe and hypo-allegenic, non-toxic, non-latex-based body-adhesive that is made especially for the skin ONLY. Rhinestones and hand-applied accents can be added for extra-cool effects. Having a ‘Frozen’ theme or ‘Ninja Turtles’ theme? We can provide character stencils to fit your motif!

  These water-resistant tattoos take a couple of minutes to apply, yet can last up to 7 days – even after swimming! If necessary, Glitter Tattoos can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Also, we have many more designs that are not featured below. Some designs may vary. *Party Hint: Glitter Tattoos and Hair Extensions/Feather Extensions are a perfect combo!


  • 1. Do not put sunscreen or other lotions on the tattoo. This will degrade them rapidly.
  • 2. Do not use a washcloth or loofa on the tattoo. Wash it with a bare, soapy hand.
  • 3. Do not rub the area with a towel to dry it. Instead, pat it dry carefully with the towel.
  • 4. To remove, either use rubbing alcohol, or take a warm bath or shower and then gently rub the tattoo with a wash cloth or loofa. If any little bits of it don’t come of with GENTLE rubbing, they can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Monday through Sunday: $100 per hour/ 2 hour minimum. Serving Chicago, Illinois and surrounding suburbs as well as Wisconsin. Travel fees may apply.

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